Expert in Renewable Energy Development

In history, there has never been a time when the topic of renewable energy has garnered as much discussion as it does now. Globally, governments, companies, corporations, and an expert in renewable energy development have started to acknowledge the urgent need for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

The planet is in a hazardous position as we try to manage the difficulties caused by the irreversible depletion of non-renewable energy supplies. People from all across the world are turning to renewable energy sources as a method of rehabilitation in reaction to this looming catastrophe. The future development of renewable energy holds significant potential for addressing climate change and transitioning toward a sustainable energy landscape

Dedicated people, businesses, and organizations of all sizes have been working carefully for years to build a strong and sustainable network of energy sources. Despite the fact that technologies like solar energy development for power generation and electric cars have been around for almost a decade. There is now an unparalleled upsurge in implementation and adoption. Any expert in renewable energy development continues to push forward, seeing the enormous potential for a greener and more sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Project Development: Paving the Path to a Sustainable Future

The future of renewable energy is bright: With the falling costs of solar and wind power, renewable energy is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. As a result, we are seeing a surge in renewable energy project development.

Experts in renewable energy development are in high demand: If you are interested in a career in this field, there are many opportunities available. You can work on solar energy development studies, wind energy feasibility studies, or other types of renewable energy projects.

The future of renewable energy is exciting: With continued innovation and investment, renewable energy has the potential to meet all of our energy needs in a clean and sustainable way.

The Rise of Renewable Energy

The future of the world is all set and curious to witness a remarkable leap in the availability and affordability of renewable energy sources. A lot of improvement is seen in hydropower, wind, and solar projects beyond what was expected. A new era of sustainable energy is ushering in.

The present “Renewable 2020” report by The International Energy Agency (IEA), reveals that solar energy is projected to take the lead, expanding the renewable energy sector by a staggering 50% within a span of six years, from 2019 to 2024. Also, the 2024 predictions of say that solar energy capacity will surge by a remarkable 660GW globally, contributing to an overall increase of 1200GW in renewable energy. This unprecedented growth is set to revolutionize the landscape of energy, benefiting a wider population and will pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Most Popular Types of Renewable Energy Development Resources

Below are a few stats and facts on energy resources that are easily available to us and are so much important for the sustainability of the environment and the world at large.

1) Solar Energy

Solar energy is generated through the absorption of sunlight by solar panels, and the photovoltaic (PV) cells within them convert the light into electrical energy. To install and establish these panels, you need open and ample space with significant exposure to sunlight all over the year. The United States with its solar energy development study and wide research, has designed ambitious plans to double its solar panel installations to a remarkable four million by 2023, positioning itself as a major global contributor to renewable energy.

Inspired by these numbers, various industry experts predict a substantial decrease in the cost of solar energy, ranging from 15% to 32% by the end of 2024. Such remarkable progress speaks about the growing commitment towards sustainable energy and also showcases the potential for widespread adoption of solar power, making it more accessible and affordable for individuals and communities alike.

2) Geothermal Energy

The interesting process of geothermal energy production uses the natural heat that is trapped deep under the Earth’s surface. A dramatic change takes place by taking hot water out of subsurface reservoirs and applying tremendous pressure to it. With the quick release of pressure that occurs due to water rushing upward through a well, it turns into steam, which has enormous energy potential. The steam is then used to power an energy generator by connecting it to a rotating turbine.

The steam is cooled in a cooling tower soon after the energy has been taken and turns back into the water. Geothermal energy is an extraordinary and renewable energy source since this cycle repeats itself. By the end of 2024, there will be an impressive 28% or an extra 18 GW  increase in the capacity of geothermal energy production. This forecast highlights geothermal energy’s enormous potential and practicality as a dependable and sustainable source of energy.

3) Wind Energy

One of the most reliable and excellent ways to produce electricity is by wind. Studies find that by 2024, there will be a 57% increase towards 850 GW in the capacity of wind energy onshore. And in offshore, the same wind capacity will surge up to three times the present capacity by 2024. There are various industrial experts who have practiced rigorous renewable energy feasibility study and have provided reliable solutions to industries for applying wind energy resources in their manufacturing and production units.

4) Hydro Energy

Utilizing the kinetic energy of falling water to produce electricity is the secret behind hydropower. With the efforts of various nations like Brazil, India, and China, hydropower capacity is set to grow by an astounding 9%, reaching 120GW by 2024. These countries are starting huge projects that will alter the global energy landscape. With capacities of 10GW and 16GW, respectively, the magnificent Baihetan and Wudongde projects in China are assuming center stage as noteworthy megaprojects in hydropower. In the meantime, Ethiopia’s massive 6.2 GW Grand Renaissance Project is creating a stir and fueling the global expansion of hydropower.

Renewable Energy Project Development


Renewable energy is a clean, sustainable, and reliable source of energy. It can put an end to the production of harmful chemicals and can prevent destructive mining practices. Even the ozone layer will recover giving cleaner air to breathe and leading to the preservation of natural and precious ecosystems. More and more countries are conducting renewable energy feasibility study striving to achieve renewable energy goals. It would be worth a sight to see a world together envisioning clean energy and obtaining successful carbon neutrality by undertaking more and more renewable energy project development programs.

Electric vehicles should be the norm and fossil fuels will become outdated. When youthful minds will innovate along with experienced minds, the future of renewable energy will be promising and bright. Rapid technological advancement and continuous research are bringing fresh hopes to the world that is facing the dire challenge of the drastic depletion of non-renewable resources. Let us together anticipate the best discoveries in the future and pledge to give our best towards a future of committing to sustainable energy.


1. What is an expert in renewable energy development?

An expert in renewable energy development is someone who has the knowledge and experience to help businesses and organizations develop renewable energy projects. They can help with everything from site selection to project financing to permitting.

2. What is a solar energy development study?

A solar energy development study is a comprehensive analysis of the potential for solar energy at a particular site. It will consider factors such as the amount of sunlight, the cost of solar panels, and the availability of financing.

3. What is a renewable energy feasibility study?

A renewable energy feasibility study is a more detailed analysis of the potential for a specific renewable energy project. It will consider factors such as the cost of the project, the expected revenue, and the risks involved.

4. What is renewable energy project development?

Renewable energy project development is the process of bringing a renewable energy project from concept to completion. It involves everything from securing financing to obtaining permits to installing the equipment.

5. What are the benefits of working with an expert in renewable energy development?

There are many benefits to working with an expert in renewable energy development. They can help you:

  • Identify the best renewable energy options for your business or organization.
  • Develop a feasible and cost-effective project.
  • Obtain the necessary financing and permits.
  • Successfully complete the project.

If you are considering developing a renewable energy project, it is important to work with an expert who can help you navigate the complex process and ensure that your project is successful.